Company at a Glance

Experience. Performance. Value.

MAGRUDER CONCRETE SOLUTIONS is located in Sanford (Orlando area), Florida. We have successfully placed millions of both concrete and pervious concrete pavements in the past three decades, from Florida to California and many states in between. This experience is available to assist in the design and construction of any project.

We are currently working with Owners, Developers, other Contractors, and Engineers to help them design pervious concrete into their projects as a design-build team. If you are integrating the new EPA stormwater NPDES requirements, or LEED "Green Building" Certifications into your next project, then contact us during the design phase.



MAGRUDER CONCRETE SOLUTIONS has the manpower, equipment and expertise to provide a high quality product while remaining cost effective.  Magruder takes pride in its work and has ACI Certified Flatwork Craftsmen and finishers who will use their skills to provide a long lasting concrete product. Magruder has successfully completed numerous “big box” store slabs and parking areas as well as small concrete parking lots throughout the US. Time and again, Magruder has demonstrated it can provide a high-quality parking area in concrete that is initially cost effective compared to an asphalt design. 


MAGRUDER CONCRETE SOLUTION'S personnel were instrumental in producing the first ever printed specifications for pervious pavement by the Florida Concrete & Products Association in 1987.  Another noteworthy accomplishment was the contribution of effort establishing the American Concrete Institute’s first (ACI) Committee 522 on Pervious Concrete. Furthermore, MAGRUDER was commissioned by the National Ready Mix Association (NRMCA) to help write the first-of-its-kind Training Manual used to train contractors and other industry personnel in the NRMCA Pervious Concrete Contractors Certification program available across the nation.

Our Advantages

  • Experience

    Magruder Concrete Solutions has successfully installed millions of both concrete and pervious pavements in the past three decades, from Florida to California and many states in between.

  • Performance

    Magruder Concrete Solutions has a reputation for getting the job done -- on time and on budget.

  • Value

    It's a simple formula: Experience + Performance = Value. And we can help you in the design phase as well to ensure you make the best paving decisions.

Key Management

MAGRUDER CONCRETE SOLUTIONS' Bruce Glaspey was a driving force in the mid-to-late 1980’s helping the FC&PA (Florida Concrete & Products Association) put pervious concrete pavement on the map and creating this new and unique industry. His experience and input were vital in the development of the very first ever design standards, testing methods, and construction techniques for pervious concrete paving that the FC&PA made public in 1987. Most of these standards and techniques are still being used and have "paved" the way for improved standards. Bruce has been selected as a speaker at the World of Concrete on various aspects of pervious concrete pavement numerous times. MAGRUDER has conducted many very successful and popular seminars and demonstrations to specifying agencies, design professionals and industry associations and organizations throughout the USA.